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Differently-Abled People Remind Us of the Value of Compassion

Naoki Higashida is profoundly autistic. He is largely non-verbal, and he has typical autistic traits – he jumps, he has meltdowns, and he finds it difficult to make eye contact....Read more
Published:  January 14th, 2019
Categories:  Ideas
Writing in Left hand

Puzzles And Paradoxes: The Case For Lefties

I grew up observing my mother cut vegetables with her left hand and write with her right hand. Later, she told me that she was born left-handed, but was forced...Read more
Published:  January 14th, 2019
Categories:  Ideas

Shifting At The Edge: Gandhi, AI, And Beyond

Gandhi predicted that both capitalism and communism would eventually fail.He proposed a third system, called trusteeship, which held tremendous promise. Yet today’s world is much more complex than the one that Gandhi inhabited,...Read more
Published:  December 5th, 2018
Categories:  Ideas
The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope provides us this week with a spectacular image of the bright star-forming ring that surrounds the heart of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 1097. In this image, the larger-scale structure of the galaxy is barely visible: its comparatively dim spiral arms, which surround its heart in a loose embrace, reach out beyond the edges of this frame. This face-on galaxy, lying 45 million light-years away from Earth in the southern constellation of Fornax (The Furnace), is particularly attractive for astronomers. NGC 1097 is a Seyfert galaxy. Lurking at the very centre of the galaxy, a supermassive black hole 100 million times the mass of our Sun is gradually sucking in the matter around it. The area immediately around the black hole shines powerfully with radiation coming from the material falling in. The distinctive ring around the black hole is bursting with new star formation due to an inflow of material toward the central bar of the galaxy. These star-forming regions are glowing brightly thanks to emission from clouds of ionised hydrogen. The ring is around 5000 light-years across, although the spiral arms of the galaxy extend tens of thousands of light-years beyond it. NGC 1097 is also pretty exciting for supernova hunters. The galaxy experienced three supernovae (the violent deaths of high-mass stars) in the 11-year span between 1992 and 2003. This is definitely a galaxy worth checking on a regular basis. However, what it is really exciting about NGC 1097 is that it is not wandering alone through space. It has two small galaxy companions, which dance “the dance of stars and the dance of space” like the gracious dancer of the famous poem The Dancer by Khalil Gibran. The satellite galaxies are NGC 1097A, an elliptical galaxy orbiting 42 000 light-years from the centre of NGC 1097 and a small dwarf galaxy named NGC 1097B. Both galaxies are located out beyond the frames of this image and they cannot be seen. Astronomers have indications that NGC 1097 and NGC 1097A have interacted in the past. This picture was taken with Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys using visual and infrared filters. A version of this image was submitted to the Hubble’s Hidden Treasures image processing competition by contestant Eedresha Sturdivant.

There’s Something About The Physical World That Knows You Are Observing It

“The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science.” — Albert Einstein Captain Edgar Mitchell was...Read more
Published:  May 21st, 2018
Categories:  Ideas

Listing The New Essentials Of Our Lives

Most of us seem to have a ‘To-Do list’ in our lives. It helps us put together all the tasks we want to get done over a period of time....Read more
Published:  August 16th, 2016
Categories:  Ideas

The Radical Power of Humility

[Below is transcript of a talk, delivered to four thousand people gathered at the National Jain Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to Nipun's talk, civil rights legends John Lewis and...Read more
Published:  May 12th, 2016
Categories:  Ideas

Everybody Is Good At Something

Everybody is good at something. In a ServiceSpace context, that's a daily assumption -- by design. When your organizing principles forbid you to hire staff, or fundraise, or sell anything,...Read more
Published:  May 3rd, 2016
Categories:  Ideas
Vivaan Ferose

How Autistics Triumphed at SAP Labs

When VR Ferose, Managing Director of SAP Labs India, employed three autistics, he was in for a special surprise Image: Mallikarjun Katakol for Forbes India DIFFERENT STROKES VR Ferose at...Read more
Published:  April 18th, 2016
Categories:  Inclusion, Ideas
ferose vr and books

Books are my best friends

There’s a lot that VR Ferose, MD of SAP Labs loves to share with you when you meet him for a cup of coffee. From work to his hobby that...Read more
Published:  April 8th, 2016
Categories:  Books, Ideas


timeline image
timeline image

Shares birthday with Charlie Chaplin

V. R. Ferose was born on 16th April 1974, in Erattupetta, Kerala, India.


High point in school

Studies at Sacred Heart (in Kharagpur, West Bengal) and Railway School (in Bilaspur, Madhya Pradesh). Becomes the school Flag bearer during the Annual Sports Day in Class 12th.



B.Tech in Computer Science (1993-97) at NIT Warangal; Falls in LOVE with his future wife, Deepali and learns more about LIFE than Computers.

1993 to 1997

Systems Analyst

Joins Ramco Systems in Chennai as Systems Analyst.

1997 to 1999
timeline image

Joins SAP

On 16th August 1999, Ferose joins SAP Labs India as a Developer.

timeline image

Moves to Germany

Moves to Germany as Executive assistant to SAP Board Member, Gerhard Oswald

2005 to 2007
timeline image

Youngest MD of a Multinational Company in India

  • Assumes role of Managing Director of SAP Labs India, Gurgaon.
  • Sets up Prayas Lab, as part of "Autism at work" pilot case study.
  • Selected as Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum.
  • Founded the India Inclusion Summit.
  • SAP Labs India is ranked Great Place to Work for the first time.
  • Joins Board of Specialisterne People Foundation, Denmark.
  • 2007 to 2012

    Senior Vice President

  • Assumes the role of Senior Vice President at Globalization Services, SAP, SE.
  • Joins as Trustee of Autism Research Trust, UK.
  • 2013
    timeline image

    India’s Top 40 under 40

  • Selected as India’s Top 40 under 40 by Economic Times and Spenser Stuart.
  • Authors bestseller book on People with Disabilities - GIFTED, along with Sudha Menon.
  • Relocates to SAP Palo Alto, California.
  • 2014
    timeline image

    Rising Star of SAP

  • Releases the book “Innovating the World: The Globalization Advantage”.
  • Honored as Rising Star of SAP by Business Insider.
  • Starts Contributing to Swarajyamag.com.
  • Starts giving Guest Lectures at Columbia University on Personal Leadership.
  • 2015
    timeline image

    "Autism at Work" becomes Harvard case study

  • Attends the Harvard Program for Young Global Leaders.
  • "Autism at Work" becomes Harvard case study.
  • Joins Board of Going to School, New Delhi.
  • Joins the Board of Seat of the Soul institute (California).
  • Inducted into the Happiness Hall of Fame at Stanford.
  • Wins the Eagle award by Disability Rights Advocates, USA.
  • Forms the NGO, India inclusion Foundation
  • Hosts the 5th edition of the India Inclusion Summit and launches the Inclusion Fellowships
  • 2016
    timeline image

    Recognized by US Senator

  • Honored with the AUCD award by Senator Tom Harkin
  • Releases Malayalam and Bengali edition of GIFTED.
  • Wins the Iclif Leadership Energy Award(ILEA), Malaysia.
  • 2017

    Truly Gifted

  • Gifted wins the Kannada Sahitya Academy Award
  • Wins the Lifetime Achievement award for Global Philanthropy from Transperfect
  • Appointed Chairperson of Specialisterne, USA
  • GIFTED translated in Tamil
  • Wins the India Vision award for Thought Leadership
  • 2018

    New Roles

  • Takes a new role as Head of SAP Engineering Academy
  • Starts a monthly column FLYLEAF for New Indian Express
  • 2019