Bengaluru: The experience of watching the physically challenged negotiate problems of daily life with ease bring about a sense of wonder among those who take their privileges for granted.

A sense of appreciation prevailed at the launch of the Kannada translation of Gifted – a collection of 15 inspiring stories about the lives of those with disabilities. Co-authored by VR Ferose and Sudha Menon, it was originally published in English two years ago.

Magsaysay award winner H Harish Hande, chief guest, pointed out that caste, class, gender, etc, only served as barriers that divided people. “If poverty exists and disabled people are not respected, then we are all anti -national. In this country, only the privileged are respected. If you are poor, or if you don’t know English, nobody has any regard for you. This needs to change,” he said.

Ferose, an advocate for the physically challenged, said his mission was to take the issue of disabilities to rural areas. Malathi, a wheelchair-bound woman, whose story is featured in the book, said her disability dented neither her confidence nor determination.

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