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Mastering the Art of Lifelong Learning

Mastering the Art of Lifelong Learning


Welcome to a special Thought Leader episode with V.R. Ferose dedicated to the topic of lifelong learning and how we can master this skill.

Iโ€™m your host Elisabeth Riemann and Iโ€™m truly delighted to share this episode with you! While learning is a passion that unites us all, weโ€™re also united through our challenges. Maintaining our focus, staying motivated, and finding time are familiar struggles we can all identify with. I share this experience with you and am grateful to welcome Ferose to openSAP to encourage us to re-think our approach to learning by staying curious and realizing that we have the opportunity to learn and grow in everything we do.

I hope youโ€™ll enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it and that it provides you with a new thirst to learn and succeed!

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